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Case study: Training materials and test reports with FlowShare

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FlowShare Article Cover Image Case Study Creating Training Materials And Test Reports For SAP with FlowShare

Simple, fast, efficient: How FlowShare is transforming the creation of training materials and test reports at a family-owned company.

We are pleased to have been able to support one of Germany’s top 50 family-owned companies in their documentation processes for several months now. Their ERP processes are as extensive as their product range. This makes it anything but easy to also train the several thousand employees well in it.

The challenge: costly SAP training.

“Creating SAP training was very costly and time consuming.”

Ramona B. from the Business Process Excellence department

One of the challenges was the complex creation of SAP training courses. Since a previous in-house solution no longer existed and only manual on-board tools such as Word and screenshot tools were available, creation was time-consuming and tedious. As a result, many processes were not adequately documented in the first place.

“The time-consuming part of creating handouts is editing the screenshot and then formatting it in Word or PowerPoint – highlighting content, adding arrows and explanations. FlowShare now does all that in just one step.”

Ramona B., Business Process Excellence Department

The solution: FlowShare for training materials and test reports

In their search for a solution, they came across FlowShare to map digital processes into easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. Key factors in the decision were the user-friendly interface and the ability to create automated instructions while an operation was being performed.

Subsequently, the instructions are made available on the one hand via Sharepoint or distributed via a wiki.

Ramona B. from the Business Process Excellence department emphasizes the potential use cases: “The potential was seen right away that you can create training materials with FlowShare, but also test reports.”

The result: simplification and standardization of documentation

The rollout took place just 2 months ago, and the introduction alone was a success:

“The strength of FlowShare, besides the automatic recording of clicks, is its intuitive operation. To create an appealing documentation, nothing more is needed than to know the buttons for start, pause and stop.”

Ramona B. 

The quick start of using the tool and the ease of creating instructions and documentation have made FlowShare a valuable addition to their daily work.

In addition, FlowShare’s direct integration to Synthesia has also proven to be a handy extension to use the training documents as AI-narrated videos as well. With Synthesia integration, short videos can be made available alongside static instructions without any extra effort. This means that end users have a free choice of format to get the best possible help.

FlowShare’s enterprise licensing model allows a large number of users to access FlowShare, so that documentation no longer rests on just a few shoulders, as would be the case with more complex authoring tools, for example.

“Some colleagues are already using the software very intensively and have already created test guides with it.”

FlowShare not only simplified documentation, but also standardized it by adapting the templates to the company’s corporate identity specifications.

Conclusion: don’t be afraid of SAP training!

Like this family business, other companies can benefit significantly from FlowShare. The Windows application enables efficient creation of training documents and process documentation and ensures a smooth flow of information.

Contact us and start your free trial of FlowShare today. It is easy to use and you can immediately start creating high-quality training materials in a fraction of the time.

Create an unlimited number of guides, free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

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