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FlowShare 2.13.

  • 2 min read
Welcome to FlowShare 2.13! The new version is ready to download and will be rolled out as an update to all customers in the following...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 212 with text announcing OpenRPA and SCORM Export improved StepCombine feature and floating licensing options for smaller teams

FlowShare 2.12

  • 3 min read
The new FlowShare offers numerous improvements and valuable new features. New features and big updates: Compatible with our new license servers More and more customers...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 211 with text announcing platform integrations for web export disabled automatic updates and more

FlowShare 2.11

  • 2 min read
Among other things, the new FlowShare offers you new possibilities for distributing your guides. Web Export From now on you are able to publish documentation...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 210 with text announcing custom arrows settings import and export and improved display on 4k screens

FlowShare 2.10

  • 2 min read
Welcome to FlowShare 2.10! The new FlowShare offers valuable new features: Improved display on screens with high resolution (4k or similar).Gone are the days of...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 29 with text announcing rectangular markers improved bulk crop and spell check

FlowShare 2.9

  • 1 min read
Welcome to FlowShare 2.9! The new FlowShare offers practical new features: Option to add rectangular markers. Starting from this version you are able to add...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 28

FlowShare 2.8

  • 1 min read
Welcome to FlowShare 2.8! For this new version we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of document export. The update offers the following new features:...
New FlowShare Version Announcement 27

FlowShare 2.7

  • 1 min read
Welcome to FlowShare 2.7! With this version FlowShare offers the option to move arrows and frames within the recorded screenshot. From now on you can...

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