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Get your FlowShare guides organized and accessible anytime, anywhere through our WordPress based Flow Wiki.

If you don't have a place to put all your company's processes and procedures - keeping track of them will always be a struggle.

Our WordPress based wiki system is specifically adapted and built to integrate all your FlowShare guides. 

This makes them easily accessible to your entire team, and displays them in a categorized and easy to find manner. 

Plus, we provide easy ways to give feedback and update your flows – you can download them directly from your Flow Wiki account, open them in FlowShare, do the changes you need and re-upload them. They will automatically replace the old guide. 

Person in front of screen using FlowShare

Our WordPress-based Flow Wiki is specifically designed and built to seamlessly integrate all your FlowShare guides.


Share all your Flows in one place and make them accessible anytime, anywhere and to anyone you want.

All your processes in one place

Organize all your flows

We optimized WordPress Plugins and features to build an easy to navigate but powerful wiki tool that can be used internally or externally. 

FlowShare Wiki Flow Guide
Categorize everything

Structure all your guides with ease.

Categories make it easy for you to find the guide you need, when you need it. You can add as many as you like and feature the most important ones on the front page. 

Download & upload easily

Keep your guides up to date

Never have to look for a .flow guide again – Every process that is uploaded includes the FlowShare source file.  you can download them directly from your Wiki account, open them in FlowShare, do the changes you need and re-upload them. They will automatically replace the old process documentation. 

FlowShare Wiki Flow File Download
FlowShare Wiki Categories

Easy to navigate front page

Get your most important categories on the front page.

FlowShare Wiki Search

Prominent search feature

Let all your processes be easily accessible via a prominent search bar on the front page.

FlowShare Wiki Rating

Get feedback for every guide

Your peers can rate the uploaded process, if something's missing you can adjust and improve!

FlowShare Wiki Search Feature

Find the right processes when you need them

Just start typing a keyword in the search and get the results you have been looking for - don't just search in the name but scan the entire content.

FlowShare Wiki Integration Upload

Publish your .flows with one click

You can upload all your captured processes directly into your Wiki - FlowShare is connected with it. It pushes the process and all the meta information - author, application. 

FlowShare Wiki Revisions

Revisions & Versioning

WordPress makes it easy to see any changes made in a published process - you can see who changed what and when and also go back.

FlowShare Wiki Permissions

User permissions

You decide if your Wiki is private or public, you can define several user roles and determine who is allowed to do what.

FlowShare Wiki Categories

Fits your brand!

Your colors, your fonts, your logo - the Wiki is made to fit your brand.


The FlowShare Wiki is the perfect solution for teams who need to manage and share information efficiently.

The price is calculated from 2 components: a one time setup fee which depends on your requirements and a flat hosting and support fee. 

FlowShare Wiki Setup

One time fee for setting up your wiki based on your requirements.

Custom setup fee

excl. VAT
  • White labeled to your needs
  • Training for your staff to use the Wiki

FlowShare Wiki Hosting & Support

Hosted version of your Wiki.

99 /month

excl. VAT
  • Regular updates
  • Support and ongoing training
  • Hosted in Germany

Most common questions

The FlowShare Wiki is based on the Divi theme with may customizations (Divi child theme) and custom plugins. 

Yes, however, you need to be willing to invest the time to get to know this content management system. That’s why training is included. Our hosting package also includes updates and support. 

Yes. The database can of course be enriched with all other possible content. FlowShare is not the only way. You can create posts manually as well. 

The end user always sees only the latest version of the article in the frontend. The changes can be tracked via revisions in the admin dashboard. Each process recorded with FlowShare and published on WordPress has its own distinctive ID, so when the process is updated – and uploaded again – it doesn’t create a new post, but overwrites an old one.

The normal WordPress tagging function can be used, plus FlowShare can automatically create tags for the applied programs on request.

Our team will be happy to answer them.

Contact us to see how the Flow Wiki can maximize your Flow guides' potential.

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