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Unveiling FlowShares Game-Changing AI-Powered Features

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A dynamic office space with multiple floating screens, each screen surrounded by a thin border in the colors of different national flags representing FlowShares Upcoming AI Features: Text Generation, 29 Languages, AI Assistance

AI Text Generation, Automatic Translation in 29 Languages and AI Assistance for your Flows! 

If you read our announcement on FlowShare in the age of Generative AI, you are aware of the new developments and changes coming this year in the form of AI-powered features: AI Text Generation, Automatic Translation in 29 Languages and AI Assistance for your Flows! 

In this article we are thrilled to showcase these cutting-edge solutions in detail and demonstrate how they will transform the way you capture your processes, translate and share your know-how. 

1. AI-Enhanced Text Generation: “Simplify and enrich your documentation creation”

Time is a luxury, that’s why we strive to make your documentation process a breeze. 

Starting in FlowShare 2.15 you can automatically generate insightful and precise step descriptions with the intelligence of ChatGPT, making the writing process smoother than ever.

By intelligently enhancing the text descriptions and adding insights, this feature ensures you can automatically craft content that is both insightful and accurate, reducing the time and effort traditionally associated with documentation. Apart from the step descriptions it also autogenerates a title based on the process you did! Hooray!

Simply put you need to do less repetitive writing. 

2. MultiLanguage via AutoTranslate: “Speak Globally, Work Locally”

The world is a global village, and we believe your documentation should speak every language (or at least 29 languages, via DeepL).

Introducing MultiLanguage via AutoTranslate, FlowShare’s answer to bridging communication barriers. Whether you’re rolling out a software process to a team in Japan or collaborating with colleagues in Brazil, our AutoTranslate Add-On ensures that language is never a barrier. 

With a click, instantly translate your Flows to the language of your choice, ensuring clarity, precision, and understanding across borders. 

3. FlowShare AI Assistant in the Online Portal: “Your AI Process Companion in the Knowledge Hub”

So far you have used FlowShare on your desktop, shared your Flows via integrations or distributed them manually.

With our GDPR-compliant Online Portal we are introducing a new way for you to share your Flows into your Knowledge Hub. 

And not just that. 

Imagine having an assistant that knows every detail, every step, and every nuance of your software processes. or a virtual subject matter expert providing specific advice based on your Flows. 

Enter the FlowShare AI Assistant. Integrated into your Knowledge Hub- This advanced AI system is designed to be your go-to for any query. 

It pulls all information from qualified sources: your FlowShare-generated processes, it displays the relevant image you need to get unstuck and provides referral links to the Flows you have stored in your Flow Library. 

Our AI Knowledge Companion ensures that answers are always one quick conversation away. 

Embrace the Next Generation of FlowShare

At FlowShare, we’re not just adapting to the future; we’re creating it. 

These three new features, set to launch on November 15th, are a testament to our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence. 

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the boundaries of knowledge management.

Eager to dive into the next generation of knowledge management? Mark your calendars for November 15th and experience the future with FlowShare’s AI-enhanced suite.

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