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FlowShare: Leveraging the Power of Generative AI to Reshape the Future of Internal Support Systems

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In an age where knowledge is power, the ability to access that knowledge at the right moment, understand it, and act quickly is essential. 

In reality though, businesses are inundated with processes, software tools, and data, creating a daunting challenge in training, documentation, and efficiency. 

This is the reason why we built FlowShare, a solution designed to automate the documentation process. No matter how complex or custom the process, FlowShare easily allows subject matter experts to capture it in a standardized way. For the past years this has been our main focus. 

But with the rise of generative AI, we’re looking beyond just documentation. We envision a future where AI not only supports knowledge management, but disrupts it.

The Vision Behind FlowShare in the Age of Generative AI

For us, generative AI is not just a buzzword; it’s the future. A future where knowledge is not just stored but is captured, shared, and accessed efficiently. 

This McKinsey report underscores the vast potential of generative AI, projecting it as the next productivity frontier. While its applications in Sales, Software Engineering, Marketing, and Customer Operations are promising, its role in transforming internal knowledge management systems can become revolutionary.

Imagine a workspace where employees retrieve vital information in the moment of need not by sifting through volumes of documents but by asking a system as they would a human colleague. And receiving an answer in a language they understand, not just a reference to a document hidden deep within the internal structures. That is the power of Generative AI and what a way to help in the moment of need. 

Generative AI facilitates this through its advanced natural-language processing capabilities. But, as McKinsey points out, the true potential of generative AI can only be unlocked with the right data.

If your data isn’t ready for generative AI, your business isn’t ready.”

This is where FlowShare steps in.

FlowShare’s Unique Position

While the market has seen a surge in AI-based chatbot solutions, most of them serve as general-purpose interfaces to LLMs. Most of them also do not follow the strict rules of GDPR-compliance and thus are not suitable for most European businesses. None offer a holistic approach that caters specifically to the unique requirements of complex software process documentation and guidance. 

If you already have a great resource of help documentation, then it may be enough for you to just feed an AI-chatbot with them. But help resources need to be created, and updated on a regular basis to really harness the positive effects of the AI-powered assistant. 

We aim to fill this void with FlowShare’s GDPR-compliant framework: 

  1. LLM-Based Text Generation: We’ve seamlessly integrated LLM-based text generation into FlowShare, assisting authors in creating impeccable documentation.
  1. Centralized Online Portal: Our platform not only stores documentation for human access but is also structured optimally for embedding into an LLM.
  1. Advanced AI Assistance System: Equipped with the power of LLM, our AI Assistant can converse, show relevant images, provide links, and deliver answers based on FlowShare-generated documentation.

Find out more about the upcoming features in detail. 

This suite of enhancements and Add-Ons means that companies now have a toolchain that allows them to harness the potential of generative AI for their unique knowledge management needs. 

With FlowShare, capturing and sharing company-specific process data has never been easier.

The Greater Impact of Generative AI

At FlowShare, we believe in proactive evolution. (Hence, Passion for Innovation is one of our core values). 

While our documentation tool as a standalone solution is robust and has helped over a thousand organizations worldwide with capturing their know-how, we’re not content with just that. We’re constantly pushing boundaries. With the integration of generative AI, we’re paving the way for a new age of knowledge management and sharing.  

We are not doing it alone, as part of the AI accelerator Hamburg we are honored to be among experts to exchange ideas and shape the future of AI. 

The real value of our solution lies in its capability to bridge the data-readiness gap for generative AI. By simplifying the process of generating structured, company-specific data, we’re enabling businesses to truly benefit from the promise that generative AI holds. 

And like with FlowShare, it is lightweight and easily accessible, even if you only have 2 people you need to train. 


FlowShare is not just a documentation tool; it’s transforming into the bedrock of a new knowledge management era powered by generative AI. 

We’re not just looking at improving processes; we’re reimagining them. 

Join us in this exciting journey, as we redefine the future of knowledge sharing, making it more accessible, efficient, and transformative than ever before. Want to stay informed on the newest developments in our AI field? Sign up and we will keep you updated with a monthly newsletter (you can always unsubscribe). 


1. What is LLM?

LLM stands for Large Language Model. Think of it as a smart digital brain that has read a ton of information from publicly available resources like  books, articles, and the internet. When you ask it something or give it a task related to language – like writing a sentence or answering a question – it uses all that knowledge to give you a coherent and informative response.

2. What is Generative AI (GenAI)?

Generative AI is a type of technology that creates new content or information. It’s like an artist who can paint pictures, but in the digital world. So, instead of just giving answers or processing data, Generative AI can create something new, be it a story, a design, or even a piece of music. In FlowShare’s case, it helps in creating and improving software documentation.

3. I’ve heard AI has data privacy concerns. How does FlowShare address that?

As a Germany-based company we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and private. That’s why we’ve built our software with a strong focus on GDPR compliance (a set of rules to ensure data protection). Our main goal is to make sure any information you put into FlowShare is secured and used responsibly. Plus, with our AI features, we emphasize not just on smart functions but also on maintaining the utmost privacy for our users.

4. How does AI understand what I’m asking or looking for?

AI, especially the LLM we utilize for FlowShare, has been trained on the procedures and processes you captured with FlowShare. The subject matter experts in your company, who capture the processes in the standardized way, shape the AI assistant into a process expert that uses the entire knowledge to understand the nature of the question. It then tries to provide the most relevant and accurate response based on the data. It’s a bit like a super well-read process expert who’s great at recalling information.

5. Can I trust the AI’s answers?

AI, including FlowShare’s, aims to provide accurate and relevant answers. However, like any tool, it’s always good to use human judgment too. While AI is smart and knowledgeable, it is a good practice to always cross-check important information or decisions. That is why we do provide the source of the information (the specific Flow), so you can always double check. 

Any further questions we have missed? Reach out to support@getflowshare.com and we will add them to the list. 

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