Simplify your IT project with accurate and simple user documentation.

FlowShare® runs in the background and documents every step and action you take in any software, then delivers a branded process manual you can use to train your staff.

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The way companies document their IT project is dead

*Here’s what’s happening in most companies:

They have a migration project

They need to document hundreds of processes during a software rollout (ERP, CRM, …) but don’t really know how without blowing the timeline and budget of the migration project.

It takes them weeks to create guides

They spend weeks creating guides manually with snipping tools, Word, etc. or complex authoring tools.

There is no consistency

All the company's manuals look completely different - sometimes the image takes a whole page, sometimes it’s the size of a stamp, branding is off.

They don't even start

Most employees don’t even start documenting because it’s so tedious and time consuming..

Waste budget on additional training

They have to hire expensive trainers due to insufficient user manuals just to refresh software skills.

There's a better way to create IT projects user documentations how to manuals process guides work instructions

Capture hundreds of processes in a short amount of time.

With FlowShare you simply perform a process and it creates a step-by-step guide for you with screenshots, arrows and text instructions.

It documents your entire process as you perform it which you can then share with your colleagues.

Person in front of screen using FlowShare
Employees in front of screens working with FlowShare in an office

Simply create user documentation for your colleagues.

Anyone can create user documentation with FlowShare, not just the IT department. This allows key users to document processes during IT projects, significantly unburdening IT department, speeding up the project, while sharing their expert knowledge with other employees.

Here's what your guides can look like

These example guides were created by our interns who have never created step-by-step-guides before. They have no design education and didn’t put any effort in to make them look good. If they can do it, you can do it.

Here's how it works in FlowShare

1.Start FlowShare and perform any process in your system.

As you do the task, FlowShare documents every click, input screen and action you take in the background.

FlowShare will capture and record anything you see on your screen in any application, web browser or desktop.

2. Bulk edit and adjust your new process.

When you’re done, you can review and revise every step. 

Bulk crop your guide to create more focus. Blur hundreds of images at once to hide sensitive data. Add and move markups, edit texts … 

3. Publish and share your new process.

When you are ready to share your new guide, select the format you want to export to: PDF, PPTX, DOCX, HTML or PNG. 

FlowShare automatically formats the new guide with your company brand, logo, colors and fonts – so you can share it with your colleagues or customers! 

You can update your process at any time and re-export with changes.

FlowShare interface showing export formats

Accelerate your IT project with precise and simple IT documentation.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

With FlowShare you'll be able to

Establish a standard documentation process

Your staff will be more willing to document their processes with a much faster way to do it. Your staff just goes click, click, click through a process and get a detailed step-by-step guide. It can't get any easier.

Speed up your (manual) documentation process

You will be able to do 5 guides in the time it used to take you to do just one.

Increase the chance of a successful software rollout

By being able to capture hundreds of processes at scale and provide step-by-step instructions for everyone involved.

Never have to manually document (ever!) again

Go through your process and FlowShare documents everything in the time it actually takes you to do the task.

Gain control of your processes

Get a bird's eye view over all your processes by actually getting them out of your employees heads out for everyone to see.

Keep the know-how in your company

Don't waste time and money trying to find forgotten internal processes through workshops, external trainers and consultants.

Make all your guides look uniform

FlowShare automatically formats every document that's created into your branding, no matter who creates the process.

Easily keep up with updates

FlowShare makes it easy to quickly adjust a guide and be done with it, instead of having to capture it all over again.

Create step-by-step guides that everyone understands

Your Flows are always available even if your staff doesn’t have internet access. And easy enough to follow for those who lack computer skills.

Reduce onboarding time - reduce shoulder taps.

Make your new hires learn the ropes in days without keeping veteran staff away from their responsibilities.

Create an unlimited number of guides free for 14 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

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