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How to automatically create Tutorial Videos with Synthesia & FlowShare

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Virtual avatars that explain to your employees or customers via video exactly how to work successfully with a software? Personalized video tutorials for your software in high quality and with high identification potential? A simple but professional alternative for screencasts? With the software Synthesia all this is no longer a problem.

The AI startup that recently achieved “Unicorn” status has now partnered with FlowShare. Together, the two tools Synthesia and FlowShare form a powerful combination for your employee training or customer support. An experience report:

What is Synthesia? – A Revolution in the world of video creation

Synthesia is an innovative tool for creating videos with artificial intelligence . It enables users to produce high-quality videos without the need for traditional filming.

How does that work? Synthesia is fully committed to AI and uses artificial intelligence to create so-called “AI-narrated videos” from text within minutes. For example, companies can upload PowerPoint presentations to Synthesia and turn them into videos. At the same time, Synthesia also allows its users to start from scratch and without a template. In this case, the software only needs to know what the video is about and who the target audience is. The result is realistic video content with customizable AI avatars, backgrounds, and narration.

The added value of Synthesia’s AI for your business

Synthesia thus creates entirely new opportunities for businesses. Why? Because it allows them to create professional videos – but without the cost and complexity of traditional video production. Synthesia’s videos can be tailored precisely to your company.

You only have to ask yourself: Which type of content do I need for my customers and which for my employees?

By that, AI-narrated videos revolutionize the efficiency of enterprise video creation. Videos that used to take months to produce, you now get within minutes. The inclusion of personalized AI avatars also increases the authenticity and appeal of your videos.

Synthesia lets you insert various AI generated avatars into your videos

Use case: enterprise video – why software tutorials need an upgrade from traditional screencasts

In addition to image films, software tutorials are a typical use case for videos in companies. In an increasingly digitalized world, employees need to be trained in the use of software and in digital processes. Customers also often need guidance before using software for the first time. Typically, companies create these tutorials with screencasts. They record their screen and then share the recording so users can follow the steps.

Screencasts: Complex and inflexible production

The problem: The production of screencasts is complex and requires experience, good tools, and clear planning. If an error occurs, you will have to start the recording from the beginning. Once the screencast is created, the video is not as easy to update as a step-by-step tutorial in the case the software is updated. Often, you will have to re-record the video again in this case.

Screencasts: little usability

Screen videos also have their weaknesses for users. Especially with complex topics, screencasts are often very long and cost viewers a lot of time: after all, they are following the software application in real time.

Rewinding is also difficult because you never know what important detail might be presented in the next minute of the video. Screencasts do not provide a good overview, but usually require you to watch the entire video.

Wanted: alternative for screencasts

That’s why it is clear: software tutorials need an update from traditional screencasts. Synthesia’s AI, in combination with the documentation software FlowShare, offers an attractive and effective alternative here.

Discover FlowShare: the perfect companion for Synthesia

FlowShare is a process documentation software that allows you to generate clear step-by-step instructions as you do your tasks. To do this, simply leave FlowShare running in the background while you run any work process. FlowShare records every step, takes screenshots and marks your clicks. Descriptions for the activities performed? Generates FlowShare for each step all by itself.

A colourful collection of export formats

The created instructions can be exported as desired after the process is complete.

Alternatively, you can export guides generated with FlowShare Professional directly to Synthesia . With a personal account at Synthesia you can export flows with up to ten steps. In the Enterprise plan of Synthesia you can also generate videos of flows with up to 50 steps.

To do this, select the Synthesia export in FlowShare under “Settings”. There you just need to insert the API Key from your Synthesia account. We explain how this works in this post – including our own Synthesia video!

Step by step video created with FlowShare and Synthesia

Synthesia and FlowShare – a powerful combination

Once you have entered your API key and thus unlocked the Synthesia export, everything is quite easy. When exporting your workflow, you can choose what gender your AI avatar should be and the language of your instructions. Within minutes, your video will appear in your Synthesia account. You can still personalize this afterwards.

Customization of your Synthesia video

For example, you can change your avatar and the background of the video, add music to the video, insert your logo and CI (corporate identity) or adjust the position of the avatar in the video. Your avatar can perform gestures such as nodding, shaking its head, or raising its eyebrows at selected points, and you can change the avatar’s pronunciation. If you want it fully personalized, you can even have Synthesia create an avatar of yourself. However, this costs an extra fee at Synthesia.

The perfect Synthesia use case: employee training

FlowShare and Synthesia are the perfect combination for companies that want to train employees or customers comprehensively and that would like to have training materials in different formats and high quality. The combination of the two tools allows companies to create their videos and tutorials in no time and with little effort.

With FlowShare and Synthesia you can easily show your users how certain processes work, e.g. in your own software or web application. You no longer need to record cumbersome screencasts to do this. Instead, offer your audience to choose the format that suits them best.

Your target group chooses the medium for the training material they need

FlowShare generates both: clear step-by-step instructions in your corporate design as PowerPoint, PDF or Word. At the same time, the guide that you reated with FlowShare can also be embedded in your knowledge management system or played out as an interactive guide (HTML format). In the latter case, the target group can become active themselves and try out and click through the software in a protected sandbox environment. The Synthesia Export now adds the option of high-quality, personalized video tutorials to this portfolio. These videos are much easier and faster to create than screencasts, clearer due to the organized steps from FlowShare, and more flexible due to the numerous customization options in Synthesia.

This way, the target group of your training can choose exactly the medium they need to work successfully with software. At the same time you have a low cost, with maximum return.

Extra: 5 steps to the perfect training video with FlowShare and Synthesia

Are you ready to get started? Then try the combination of FlowShare and Synthesia for free! You have the opportunity to try out the two tools exclusively for two weeks. In this test phase, you can transform flows with up to ten steps into AI-generated videos. To do so, download FlowShare from our website and then send an email to support@getflowshare.com with the subject “Synthesia Test”.

Create an unlimited number of guides, free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

Here come some tips on how to create the perfect training video with FlowShare and Synthesia. To do so, simply follow these five steps:

1. Documentation with FlowShare – as usual

First, record your workflow as usual with FlowShare. To do this, press the “Start” button at the beginning of the process and the “Stop” button at the end.

The first step is to record your workflow as usual with FlowShare

2. Formulating the steps of the workflow

FlowShare automatically generates screenshots and descriptions for every click you make. For the Synthesia videos, it may be helpful to add a little more detail and verbal flow to these descriptions: Because the step descriptions are the text that your avatar speaks at the end in the training video.

Unlike PDF instructions, where the rule is usually “the shorter the better,” with video it sometimes pays to reformulate the sentences a bit and adapt it to spoken language. Moreover, you can add some context or additional explanations to the steps that way. But be careful: even these should not be too long – otherwise, in the worst case, no one will watch your video.

You can add additional notes in the step description box

3. Insert an extra step for welcoming the audience

Another feature with video is that it can be nice to include a little introduction. In this, for example, your avatar can briefly greet the audience and explain what the training video is about.

To do this, simply add an extra step at the very beginning of the guide after documenting your workflow. You do this by clicking on the “plus” icon at the very top of FlowShare next to the forward and back arrows. Then you can insert the greeting text in the text field.

Use the + symbol to add a step for the introduction

4. Export – choose the right language

Exporting is very easy thanks to the integrated connection from FlowShare to Synthesia . Here, however, you should pay attention to the language selection: Because the pronunciation of your avatar depends on your selected language during export (the dialog window opens automatically).

So if you have created a tutorial in German and accidentally select English for the language, your avatar will have a strong English accent. But don’t worry: If you still make a mistake here, you can adjust it later in Synthesia.

When exporting to Synthesia you can select language and gender of your avatar

5. Personalized customization to match your preferences and use case

After exporting, you can play around in Synthesia. There you can customize your video as you like after creating it. Among other things, you can customize company colors, backgrounds, logo, avatar, music and many other elements in the video.

In Synthesia you can make further adjustments and edit your training video

Summary: Into the future of AI-based video creation with FlowShare & Synthesia

In summary, the combination of FlowShare and Synthesia’s AI is revolutionizing the production of corporate video tutorials. The two tools open up entirely new possibilities for companies in their IT support and employee training. You save a lot of time and nerves when creating the materials. At the same time, the results have a high and consistent quality and train the target audience of the videos in this way more sustainably.

What else? Honestly, it’s a bit of fun to create artificial intelligence videos so quickly and easily. Feel free to try the combined use of FlowShare and Synthesia. If you have feedback, questions, or comments about use, please feel free to contact us at support@getflowshare.com.

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