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FlowShare Changelog

The latest updates to FlowShare Professional

2.16.1 (05-2024)

This update brings a variety of improvements to performance, stability and user experience.

2.16.0 (04-2024)

This new version of FlowShare brings several exciting new features and integrations.

Version your Flows in the FlowShare Portal

Starting with FlowShare 2.16.0, you now have the option of using versioning with your flows uploaded to the FlowShare Portal. Version numbers can either be entered manually, or generated automatically by FlowShare. Additionally, the version history of flows uploaded to the portal can now be viewed.

Obsidian Integration

It’s now simpler than ever to integrate your flows into your Obsidian knowledge vault with the new Obsidian integration. Simply select your obsidian vault directory, and FlowShare will automatically generate a markdown export of your flows for direct seamless viewing in Obsidian

ELO Integration

It’s now simple to directly upload your flows to your ELO file management system with this new integration. Simply select your export type and your ELO network transfer folder, and your flows can be automatically uploaded to your ELO system with no additional effort.

Improvements and Fixes

In addtion to this, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making numerous improvements to performance, stability and user experience.

2.15.2 (02-2024)

This update improves the activation of add-ons for customers with floating licenses.

2.15.1 (02-2024)

Besides many minor improvements, the update brings the following enhancements

  • From this version on it is possible to highlight buttons in combined steps also with rectangles (instead of arrows).
  • If the screen configuration or screen scaling is changed while FlowShare is running, FlowShare will now indicate that it needs to be restarted.
  • FlowShare displays a warning if the screen scaling is basically set too high for the use of FlowShare.
  • If larger areas are blurred by the user, FlowShare now enhances the blur effect.
  • For Enterprise customers, we offer the possibility to globally disable FlowShare’s communication to the outside world, as it is necessary for telemetry or our AI features, for all workstations.
  • FlowShare will not anymore try to connect to SAP GUI when SAP GUI is not running. Also the frequency of connection attempts has been reduced.

In addition, this version offers numerous repairs

  • Crashes occurred when starting FlowShare under Windows Server 2016.

Settings files and activation

    • If FlowShare was automatically initialized via settings file, activation failed for single-user licenses
    • If FlowShare 2.15.0 was automatically initialized with an older settings file, this could lead to program crashes (depending on the selected language for text generation).
    • Even if a company name was not exported to a settings file, importing these settings could lead to the company name being overwritten/removed
    • Floating licenses were not always returned reliably when closing the application.

Handling and user interface

    • FlowShare sometimes saved images repeatedly when this was not necessary.
    • Under certain circumstances, rectangular markers jumped uncontrollably when moving in the screenshot.
    • FlowShare could freeze under certain circumstances when copying text from Microsoft Word to FlowShare.

2.15.0 (12-2023)

With this exciting new version, we are introducing AI features and our new online sharing portal to FlowShare. 

AI-enhanced text generation
After recording your steps, FlowShare will write the descriptions to all steps for you. With the help of ChatGPT descriptions become informative and provide a smooth reading experience to those consuming your documentations. In the same fashion FlowShare is now able to generate meaningful titles for your flows based on the documented steps. As always, you can edit any text after it has been generated. Smart text generation is an optional feature that can be turned off in the settings dialog.

MultiLanguage and AutoTranslation
If you want to address readers with different languages, you can now manage up to 29 languages within a single flow. FlowShare lets you switch between languages, lets you edit them separately and export your flow in all selected languages in one go. Spell checking is supported for all languages.
Users who do not wish to translate each text description manually can opt-in to our AutoTranslation add-on. With the add-on enabled and the help of DeepL FlowShare will take care of all the translation work for you.

FlowShare Portal
In the FlowShare online portal you can now invite members of your team and give them specific roles. See next paragraph to learn more about its benefits!

Flow Library (beta)
If you are looking for a place to share FlowShare-generated documentation and make them accessible to your team members and/or the rest of the world, FlowShare can now push them directly to your FlowShare portal account – of course this is an optional feature.
You have the choice of sharing it as static documentation or an interactive demo. Interactive demo is a popular simulation format that lets users experience what it is like to perform the documented tasks. Flows shared as static documents go straight into your own private AI assistant – see next paragraph!

FlowShare Assist (beta)
FlowShare Assist (beta) lets all your team members chat with your own FlowShare-generated documents. With FlowShare Assist you can ask questions and have conversations regarding documented processes, which makes it a perfect help and support system. Whenever it seems to add value to the conversation, the assistant will show you relevant screenshots and point you to the respective documentation in the FlowShare portal. The more flows you upload, the more powerful the assistant becomes.
FlowShare Assist beta is rolled out to all 2.15 users free of charge.

Image editing options
If you belong to the group of users who extensively edit their screenshots, but would like to have more options than being forwarded to good old MS Paint, this update is for you. Given that those programs are installed on your computer, you can now select between Paint, Paint.net and Snagit as your standard image editing tool. This selection can be done in the setting dialog.

Notification system
Whenever FlowShare is processing a task for you it is now keeping you up to date on the progress in the lower right corner of the window.

Improvements and fixes
Besides various small improvements we restored the compatibility with SAP Logon Pad. We also reduced the possible minimal size of rectangle markups.

2.14.0 (09-2023)

The new FlowShare Professional brings valuable new features.

  • Confluence export.
    After you set up FlowShare to export to your Confluence account, FlowShare can directly generate wiki pages from your documentation.
  • Auto-Save.
    From now on, FlowShare is prepared for the worst and always creates a locally stored backup copy of your data. If FlowShare should unexpectedly go bye-bye, you can restore your work progress after restarting the program.
  • Documenting keyboard shortcuts.
    FlowShare is now able to recognize and document keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut and paste (Ctrl.-x, Ctrl.-c, Ctrl.-v).

In addition, 28 other minor improvements and bug fixes are included in this update.

Have fun with FlowShare 2.14 – keep sharing your flow!

2.13.5 (06-2023)

This update contains the following improvements

  • The ability to record interactions with SAP-GUI has been restored.
  • Connection of FlowShare to SAP GUI via scripting can now be disabled in the settings dialog if desired.
  • Improved font support in the Boxed Landscape PDF template.
  • Improvements in processing of inserted rectangles.
  • Fixed a problem when creating hyperlinks in the description text that could lead to failed export attempts.
  • Minor improvements to the user interface.

2.13.4 (05-2023)

This update contains the following improvements

  • New T&C. With this update you agree to our adapted terms and conditions. You can find them here for reference: https://getflowshare.com/general-terms-and-conditions
  • We fixed an occasional crash that could occur at app startup when legacy pptx templates were present.
  • Fixed broken interactive demo export. This occured when no custom logo was set.
  • Several fixes around  xAPI and Avendoo export including missing style data.
  • Hiding image placeholder in html and pdf exports when no logo is set.
  • Minor UI improvements.

2.13.3 (04-2023)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.13.3!

This update contains the following fixes:

  • When opening FlowShare version 2.13.2 for the first time, old custom PowerPoint templates disappeared from export screen until FlowShare got restarted.
  • Avendoo platform export: platform URL was not stored persistently.
  • Fixed missing error message for failed web export.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.13 version…share your flow!

2.13.2 (04-2023)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.13.2!

This update contains the following improvements:

  • New PowerPoint export. The new pptx export is lightning fast and is less prone to errors.
  • SCORM export was broken is now fixed.
  • Next to SAP Logon the SAP GUI tracking now also supports SAP Logon Pad.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.13 version…share your flow!

2.13.1 (03-2023)

This update contains several minor fixes.

2.13 (02-2023)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.13!

The new FlowShare brings valuable new features.

New features and big updates:

  • Interactive demos as a new export option
    Instead of static documents, from this version onwards instructions can also be exported as interactive html pages. Recipients of your documentation can get used to new processes in a fun way with this format. You can select the demo export as a template after choosing HTML as the export format.
  • AI-generated videos thanks to new Synthesia integration
    AI is on everyone’s lips and of course it can also help you learn new processes. Customers with accounts at synthesia.io can now export their documentation as learning videos with a simple click. FlowShare customers have the option of a free test account. Please contact us!
  • New export format: xAPI
    FlowShare can now export zip files according to the xAPI standard, which you can import into learning content management systems (LCMS for short).
  • Compatible with SAP GUI
    Users of the still widely used desktop application SAP-GUI will be pleased. As of this release, FlowShare can recognize and read SAP GUI controls, making documentation faster in the future.
  • Customer portal for managing billing data and licenses
    Customers can now manage their billing data, view current invoices and manage license activations themselves at https://portal.getflowshare.com. The portal will be rolled out to all customers in Q1, if you would like early access, contact support@getflowshare.com.
  • Telemetry for targeted product improvements
    FlowShare can collect anonymous usage information starting with version 2.13. This statistical information will help us to understand how you work with FlowShare and better tailor it to your needs in the future.
    Users always have the option to turn off telemetry in the settings dialog. User data, such as screenshots or similar, will not be collected in any case.

Numerous fixes:

  • Text alignment improvements in the PDF template “Boxed Landscape
  • Warning message if your texts reach a length that will be a hindrance in the PowerPoint/PDF export.
  • Various small improvements to the user interface.

Have fun with FlowShare 2.13 – keep sharing your flow!

2.12.0 (11-2022) 

The new FlowShare offers numerous improvements and valuable new features.

  • Compatible with our new license servers
    More and more customers are getting a taste for our hosted license servers.
    The solution allows an entire workforce to enjoy FlowShare at a low cost and without administrative overhead.
    Our newest servers can be conveniently accessed via https. As of this version, this is officially supported by FlowShare. All you have to do is enter the address of the server in the settings dialog.
  • New integration: The Nugget Creator from Know How! AG
    From now on it is possible to export tutorials directly from FlowShare as Learning Nuggets to the Know How! AG’s platform.
    After WordPress and getguru.com, this is now our third option for automatically publishing your documentation to third-party platforms.
  • New export format: SCORM
    FlowShare can now export zip files according to the SCORM standard, which you can import into learning content management systems (LCMS).
  • New export format: OpenRPA
    FlowShare takes its first step into the world of process automation (Robotic Process Automation) with this release.
    The clicks documented with FlowShare can be executed in an automated way with the powerful and free RPA tool OpenRPA. Currently we are limited to the execution of click events.
  • New PDF template
    The classic of our PDF templates (“Boxed”) is now also available as a landscape variant.
  • Adjustable sensitivity for automatic combining of screenshots
    You want FlowShare to combine more steps than before? You can make a change for this in the settings dialog.
  • Project title in exported image file names
    The title of your flow is now built into the image file name to make the file names more meaningful.
  • Simplification when customizing title pages for PowerPoint templates
    When customizing title pages, you can now use a placeholder naming convention as you do with other slides. Details can be found in our helpdesk.
  • Unicode support for PDF export
    There were problems with non-Latin characters here in the past.

Numerous fixes:

  • Problems with setting the logo file have been fixed.
  • More understandable handling of headings in combined steps.
  • Rectangular markers could not always be added to a screenshot without problems.
  • miraminds logo was removed from the template “Grid”.
  • Numerous small improvements to the user interface.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.12 – share your flow!

2.11.0 (07-2022)

Among other things, the new FlowShare offers you new possibilities for distributing your guides.

– Web export

From now on you are able to publish documentation online right out of FlowShare at the push of a button. To enable web export, connect FlowShare to the platform of your choice in the settings dialog under the new “Web Export” tab. You initiate the export process via the export screen as before. To kick off this new export option, we support the following two platforms:

—- Guru (getguru.com).

Guru is a company wiki system, ideal for preserving and organizing know-how.

—- WordPress:

Using the free and powerful content management system, you are able to build a company wiki inexpensively following the do-it-yourself principle. With FlowShare, you can now fill your own WordPress instance with user knowledge in no time at all.

– Automatic import of settings files

This new option is interesting for using FlowShare on terminal servers and virtual environments where settings are lost when a session is terminated. By storing a settings file in a user’s home directory, it is ensured that user-defined settings are re-read each time the program is started. Detailed information about the convention can be found in the settings dialog under the Settings Import/Export tab.

– Disabling automatic updates

Interesting for companies with centrally controlled software rollouts, this setting can be used to prevent users from being offered FlowShare updates individually. This setting can be made in the settings dialog or can be specified as a parameter during installation (UPDATES=0).

– Various improvements

Several minor repairs have been made.

  • – Import of user-defined Word templates.
  • – Export of PowerPoint-based PDF documents with steps without image.
  • – Display errors when editing screenshots.
  • – More efficient sharing of concurrent licenses.
  • – Text generation in French.

– License server hosted by miraminds
Furthermore, we now enable you to enjoy the benefits of concurrent licensing without additional effort. Would you like to share a smaller number of licenses with a larger group of users without having to install and maintain an instance of our license server in your network yourself? Then feel free to contact us about this option.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.11 – share your flow!

2.10.0 (01-2022)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.10!

The new FlowShare offers valuable new features:

  • Improved display on screens with high resolution (4k or similar).
    Gone are the days of tiny buttons or fonts on the FlowShare application interface, as previously encountered on small but high resolution screens, for example.
  • Import & export of settings.
    Various settings can now be exported on one device, and imported on any number of other devices. This way, e.g. uniform color or license settings can be conveniently distributed among all employees in an organization in the form of an .fss file (stands for FlowShare settings). Export of settings can be found in the settings dialog under the Import/Export tab.
  • Simplification when preparing your own templates for PowerPoint export.
    We have come up with a new concept with a comprehensible naming convention, which should make it easier for you to prepare your own PowerPoint templates for use in FlowShare.
  • New arrow types.
    We have extended the range of arrow shapes with three new arrows. In addition, from now on you have the possibility to globally disable the display of arrows.
  • Custom arrows.
    You have read correctly. From this version you are additionally able to set your very own arrow creations in the form of a PNG or SVG file. You can find instructions on what to do in this regard in our help desk.

Minor improvements.
Besides several bug fixes, we have linked the language of the description text generated by FlowShare to the selection of the dictionary.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.10 – share your flow!

2.9.0 (08-2021)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.9!

The new FlowShare offers practical new features:

– Option to add rectangular markers.

Starting from this version you are able to add additional rectangles to your screenshots. The rectangles can be used to highlight or explain areas in the screenshot. The rectangles can be resized and re-positioned at any time and are also provided with a label in which a numbering or a short heading can be entered.

– More flexibility in automatic cropping of multiple steps.

We have expanded the options for automatic cropping of screenshots. From now on, you can choose from six different variants.

– Spell check.

The texts you write can now be checked for spelling errors. Similar to e.g. MS-Word, you can expand your dictionary and add company-specific terms.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.9 – share your flow!

2.8.0 (04-2021)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.8!

For this new version we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of document export. The update offers the following new features:

  • Templates for export to MS-Word.
    It is now possible for you to set your own Word templates in FlowShare.
  • SOP Word template.
    FlowShare now includes a template specifically for documenting standard operating procedures (SOP).
  • New PowerPoint template.
    The new template called “Grid” expands your PPTX export options.
  • HTML templates.
    You can now choose from three different templates for your export to HTML. In addition to fresh designs, these templates offer practical features such as the enlarged display of screenshots in a lightbox or a two-column layout with an always visible table of contents.
  • Furthermore, there are the following small improvements:
    – Deleting steps via the delete key.
    – Cleaned up table of contents in Acrobat Reader when using the PDF export template “Boxed”.
    – When copying text from one step to another, text formatting is no longer lost.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.8 – share your flow!

2.7.2 (03-2021)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.7.2!

With this update we are fixing an issue regarding the visibility of arrow shaped markups. First time users and those who have not set a custom markup color have experienced this problem.

We also optimized the display of logos in exported HTML documents.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.7 version…share your flow!

2.7.1 (03-2021)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.7.1!

This update fixes a bug in the display and positioning of arrows.

In addition, we have improved the user experience while editing screenshots in MS Paint.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.7 version…share your flow!

2.7.0 (03-2021)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.7!

With this version FlowShare offers the option to move arrows and frames within the recorded screenshot. From now on you can also adjust frames in size.

In addition, this update brings the following improvements:

  • Support for high-resolution screenshots (e.g. 4K) during “boxed” PDF export.
  • Enhancement of the settings options for automatic combining of steps (step-combining).
  • In previous versions, the font setting sometimes got lost. We have fixed this.
  • We also fixed an incorrect language setting in the footer of the English version of the PDF template “Boxed.”

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.7 – share your flow!

2.6.0 (01-2021)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.6!

– Step Combining

Starting from this version, FlowShare is able to combine several steps in one screenshot.

This can be done either automatically by FlowShare or manually by you. With this new feature, you can make your instructions more space-saving without losing any information. You can apply Step Combining to newly created flows as well as to your older flows.

– Bugfix

Occasionally, users had the problem of not being able to open flow files once they had been created. The reason for this was erroneous information that slipped into the flow file. In case you have such a file, after this update you can open the file again.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.6 – share your flow!

2.5.1 (04-2020)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.5.1!

This update fixes an error that can occur when switching between languages.

Furthermore, you can now access our new help portal directly via the help button in FlowShare.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.5 version…share your flow!

2.5.0 (04-2020)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.5!

The following are the latest changes:

– Concurrent licensing

This version enables you to run FlowShare not only with single user licenses. Instead, your employees and colleagues can now easily share a quota of FlowShare licenses company-wide. Please contact us, if this could be an interesting option for you: sales@miraminds.com

– Improvement of Powerpoint-based exports

In the past, document export via PowerPoint has repeatedly led to minor problems and unwanted side effects. We have addressed these issues and greatly improved this feature.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.5…share your flow!

2.4.1 (02-2020)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.4.1!

This update fixes the following bugs:

  1. Problems during saving if the path or file name contains Unicode characters (e.g. umlauts).
  2. Wrong text color of the document title when using the boxed template (HTML and PDF).

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.4 version…share your flow!

2.4.0 (01-2020)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.4!

This version of FlowShare has some exciting new features to offer.

– Paint

From this version onwards, you can easily add additional markings, drawings and text to your screenshots.

FlowShare opens MS Paint with your screenshot at the push of a button. Your edits are automatically applied to FlowShare after you close Paint. This is designed in a way that lets you remove your drawings if necessary without losing your original screenshot.

– Compression of flow files

Flows can get quite long, which can lead to rather large files. FlowShare now saves flows in a lossless, compressed form. Depending on the content of your screenshots, FlowShare 2.4 saves you up to 70% of disc space.

– Key shortcut to pause recordings

Experienced users have asked for a way to interrupt recordings with a shortcut. You can now do this while in capture mode by pressing the Ctrl key twice in quick succession.

– As always there has been a number of small improvements and fixes.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.4…share your flow!

2.3.0 (10-2019)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.3!

Starting with this update FlowShare offers the option to apply an image crop selection to multiple steps at once with just a single click.

Also the following bux have been fixed:

– In very rare occasions the PowerPoint export produced the same text in all exported steps. This has been fixed.

– We also fixed bugs concerning the import of PowerPoint templates.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.3…share your flow!

2.2.0 (07-2019)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.2!

Numerous users have asked about the possibility of making texts in Flowshare more flexible.

We have followed this request and now offer the possibility to select a font in the settings dialog, as well as common text functionalities like bold, italics, enumerations, marking, etc..

This update also contains several small bug fixes and improvements to the user interface.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.2…share your flow!


2.1.0 (05-2019)

Welcome to FlowShare 2.1!

With this update you get:

– Several bug fixes,

– improvements on the user interface,

– the option to automatically create unique filenames for repeatedly exported files,

– a new feature that lets you manually rotate arrows in your screenshots.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.1…share your flow!

2.0.1 (03-2019)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.0.1!

This update fixes an error in the “Save as…” function of Flowshare 2.0.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.0 version…share your flow!

2.0 (02-2019)

Welcome to Flowshare 2.0!

As a user of Flowshare 2.0 you are now able to export FLOWX files from your Flowshare projects. With this data format you can feed our new application called “miraminds Guide”. The guide directs users step-by-step through the processes defined with Flowshare live and interactively using the FLOWX file. The guide is available for the curious among you on request. 

But there’s more news:

– New appearance

We have reworked the user interface, made it prettier and even more self-explanatory.

– Word Export (DOCX)

We have redesigned the generation of Word documents. From now on, your colors and logo will be inserted into the Word export and, if desired, a table of contents will also be created.

– Arrow size

If you work with arrows (instead of frames) to mark your interactions, you can now choose between three arrow sizes in the settings dialog.

– Save as function

In order to keep our products as simple and clear as possible, we are extremely careful when adding new functions and even question standard functionalities. You, dear users, have told us that a “Save As” button is missing. It’s there now.

1.7.1 (08-2018)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.7.1!

This update fixes several bugs, that came with our major 1.7.0 update.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 1.7 …share your flow!

1.7.0 (07-2018)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.7!

Here is what’s new:

– Rectangles instead of arrows:

We have listened and understood…many of our pro users would highly prefer rectangle markups in their screenshots instead of arrows. This feature is available starting with this update. To enable this, simply switch to the rectangle shape in the Settings dialog. You can find this on the Design tab.

– Typographically correct quotation marks:

Whenever Flowhare reads outs a caption from an UI element, those words are now shown in correct quotation marks with respect to your language setting.

– Automatic text highlighting:

Words set in quotation marks are highlighted in whichever text accent color you have selected in your settings. This kind of highlighting is taking place inside the Flowshare UI and in all export formats (except Word, which stays pure and plain for now).  This should make reading your generated documents even more pleasant.

– Greater customization of PowerPoint-based exports:

If you run the pro version of Flowshare and like to use our built-in PowerPoint templates, you might like to hear that your logo gets now placed inside those documents during export. Also, Flowshare makes more use of your color settings when generating PPTX or PDF files based on PowerPoint.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 1.7…share your flow!

1.6.2 (04-2018)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.6.2!

Besides several bug fixes this version comes with the following improvements:

– Better support for older Office versions during PowerPoint-based exports (pptx & pdf)

– First time users are now able to test all Flowshare Pro features for 14 days for free.

– Your product key will automatically deactivated when you uninstall Flowshare. This way you are able to use your key next time you install Flowshare.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 1.6 version…share your flow!

1.6.1 (02-2018)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.6.1!

This update comes with several improvements you don’t want to miss:

– We improved the user interface for high resolution screens.

– The automatic language setting during the first time use of Flowshare got improved.

– In case you have experienced several PDF export runs in a row even though you only clicked once…this problem should be fixed with this update.

– We renamed our built-in PowerPoint and PDF templates. Those new names should be easier to remember and work with.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 1.6 version…share your flow!

1.6.0 (02-2018)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.6!

Watch out – this new version comes with a load of new features!

– Parlez-vous Français?

From now on Flowshare is fluent in French. Simply click the French flag in the Settings dialog in case this is your language of choice.

– Improved support for international characters.

If you have experienced problems exporting text in let’s say Mandarin, you might appreciate this new version of Flowshare.

– PowerPoint export.

As a Pro user you now have the option to export your flows as striking PowerPoint presentations. The only requirement is that PowerPoint is installed on your system.

Flowshare also comes with a selection of beautiful templates. To try these, simply click on one of those before starting your export process.

– Flowshare can make use of your own custom PowerPoint templates. (Beta)

You heard right! Do you have your own master slides as POTX format? You can add those easily to Flowshare.

– Template selection for PDF export.

All templates available for generating PowerPoint presentations can also be used for exporting PDFs. Simply because we can.

– Template selection in Flowshare Free.

Are you using the free version? We also have PowerPoint-based templates for your PDF export. Just like the Pros, you need PowerPoint installed on your system to use this feature.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 1.6…share your flow!

1.5.0  (11-2017)

Welcome to Flowshare 1.5!

This version comes with a new crop function.

Just as smart as before, but with maximal flexibility when choosing a section within your screenshots.

Flowshare will display possible crop rectangles while you move the mouse over a screenshot. You may select a rectangle with a simple click or define your own by dragging the mouse.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 1.5…share your flow!

Changelog of the versions 1.0.4 to 1.4.1 (19 versions) on request.




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