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MultiLanguage and AutoTranslate

Coming out on November 15th. Automatically translate your Flows in 29 languages via DeepL with a few clicks.

Use AutoTranslate free of charge for one month for all customers.

Break language barriers of documentation

Auto-Translation is an incredibly powerful feature that lets you swiftly translate text descriptions in your flows. 

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly translate your entire process to your desired language.

Automatically translate your Flows

Capture a flow in your preferred language, add a new language, and voila!

FlowShare seamlessly translates your process into the selected languages. For more information, check out the exciting auto-translation documentation!


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If you have multiple languages that you want to translate your Flows in, AutoTranslation will save you a lot of time.

1. Bulgarian
2. Chinese (simplified available as target language)
3. Czech
4. Danish
5. Dutch
6. English (unspecified variant)
7. Estonian
8. Finnish
9. French
10. German
11. Greek
12. Hungarian
13. Indonesian
14. Italian
15. Japanese
16. Korean
17. Latvian
18. Lithuanian
19. Norwegian (bokmål)
20. Polish
21. Portuguese
22. Romanian
23. Russian
24. Slovak
25. Slovenian
26. Spanish
27. Swedish
28. Turkish
29. Ukrainian

Only the texts that are in the title, description and heading text field are translated. But not the screenshots themselves or respective texts added e.g. via the tab of the rectangular frame or other image editing programs.

You can translate manually. Howver, the editor was not yet optimized for manual translation.

The best way to translate a flow manually would be to export it in a source language, and add the translated text descriptions to the text field. 

Yes. If you have multiple FlowSare Licenses and want to upgrade to the AutoTranslate Add-On, your entire team gets an upgrade. The pricing depends on the number of languages and translations you will need. 

The price depends on the number of authors and the number of languages. Get in touch with us to get your custom quote

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