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Your solution for smooth SAP GUI documentation

FlowShare® captures your actions in SAP GUI and automatically creates detailed instructions, perfect for your test and training documentation.

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Transform your SAP GUI documentation with FlowShare

In over 350 customer projects, we have never met anyone who likes to document – but everyone agreed that documentation plays an important role and is even a success factor in an ERP migration. We want to bridge this gap with FlowShare and transform the “necessary documentation evil” into a seamless, efficient process.

That’s why FlowShare is the documentation software for those who don’t want to document, but need to.

Automatically create detailed and comprehensive SAP GUI instructions.

FlowShare is one of a handful of software solutions that are able to correctly recognize elements in SAP GUI.

It supports the creation of test documentation or training documents, recognizes the elements you have clicked on and creates suitable description texts as well as correct automatic outlines.

FlowShare interface capturing SAP GUI automatically

Make every step comprehensible:

Good documentation provides a clear overview of functions, fulfills requirements and documents technical details and test procedures. FlowShare allows you to create these elements of good documentation automatically and works seamlessly with SAP GUI. Our detailed instructions give you full control and a clear overview at all times.

Lean documentation, maximum impact

Current documentation, especially for large, complex systems, is often confusing and difficult to maintain. With FlowShare, we reduce the effort involved in updating to a minimum. It allows you to focus more resources on your projects without compromising the quality of your documentation.

Take advantage of all the benefits of the digital world:

The tools of choice for documentation are often screenshot tools and a text editing program. FlowShare goes one step further. It automates and simplifies the entire process of creating instructions – from capturing all the necessary steps to editing the document for testing or training purposes. You can make your process directly available in various final formats (from PDF to integration in LMS systems).

Developed with experts for experts.

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We developed the interface for SAP GUI with the friendly support of ERSAsoft GmbH and would like to thank them for the great cooperation.

ERSAsoft GmbH develops and distributes the SimDia² software, with which you can automatically transfer all types of (mass) data between Excel and SAP. between Excel and SAP. SimDia² works without programming and without burdening IT – in contrast to SAP-internal tools such as LSMW, Batch Input, ABAP or eCATT. SimDia² has been specially developed so that it can be operated intuitively by any SAP user. This means that, for the first time, the specialist departments are able to carry out all data imports themselves in the shortest possible time.

Are you an SAP consultant?

Get FlowShare at special conditions if you work as an SAP consultant.


FlowShare® is fundamentally compatible with SAP GUI and documents every click, just like in other applications. Due to the proprietary display format of the SAP GUI FlowShare® has not yet been able to recognize most screen elements (buttons, data fields, etc.). As a result, markers could not be set correctly and functions such as the automatic text generation were not available.

The SAP GUI function solves these problems. So if you work a lot with SAP GUI and create instructions and want to save yourself manual descriptions and markings, then this function will save you manual work.

No. FIORI apps can be easily documented with FlowShare®, even without the function. In this case, you can simply deactivate the function.

Your screen must have a scaling factor of 100 for the extension to work. If several monitors are used, the scaling factor must be the same for both monitors.

SAP GUI scripting must also be activated in SAP. You can find detailed information on this in our Helpdesk article.

There are limitations of elements that FlowShare does not yet recognize, including: Title bar menus, interactions with GuiGridView type tables, “drag” interactions with the mouse and keyboard interactions. Capturing control elements without meaningful text, which are nested in tables, as well as capturing the selection of elements in combo boxes.

The function is included in the FlowShare Professional version. It can be activated or deactivated in the settings.

Then we offer you a special partner program where you can purchase FlowShare Professional at special conditions. Please note on the contact form that you are an SAP consultant and we will get back to you.

No. FlowShare generates ready-made instructions in the most common formats PDF, HTML, DOCX or PPTX, depending on your requirements. Share and distribute your instructions to whomever you like. Your team, your customers, to the whole world – it’s included!

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