Automate repetitive tasks with FlowShare’s OpenRPA export

When we think of machines taking over, we often envision dystopian dooms-day scenarios. But in some cases robots may actually be a welcome support. With OpenRPA, for instance, business processes can be completely automated. You upload your documented processes and let the software complete them for you from then on – and all of this for free. Robots aren’t so bad when they unburden you of boring, repetitive work, are they?

Automating tasks has just gotten a lot more simple

How do you teach a machine to complete your tasks? With instructions of course! And while you could do this by hand, if you have ever used OpenRPA you will know that this can be quite the task. But there are good news: A FlowShare export format tailored to OpenRPA. 

You will save tons of effort and time with this export format. Not only will you get the usual quick and simple documentation method of FlowShare, you will then be able to immediately use your manual to automate it in OpenRPA – no additional work required.

Have your documented processes complete themselves

Simply use FlowShare to document the process you want to automate and export your manual using the RPA export format. Then switch over to OpenRPA and import the manual you just created. You will see, the sequence in OpenRPA matches the process you documented.

Play the sequence and voila – you just got a new team member to do the menial, repetitive tasks that none of your human colleagues want to do.

Easily document and automate repetitive tasks with FlowShare® and its OpenRPA export, free for 14 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

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