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Automate tasks more easily with FlowShare’s OpenRPA export

When we think of machines taking over, we often envision dystopian dooms-day scenarios. But in some cases robots may actually be a welcome support. With OpenRPA, for instance, business processes can be automated.

Deploying bots on a large scale

Developed by Allan Zimmermann, OpenRPA is an open-source software to help businesses scale bots. Together, we have developed an OpenRPA export format for FlowShare to facilitate large scale bot deployment by reducing the gap between documentation and automation.

Bots, like humans, require documentation to complete tasks correctly. This can be done with the typical ease-of-use you know from FlowShare. After finishing your documentation in FlowShare, you can directly export it to OpenRPA and deploy your bot.  

The export is a development that is still in its early stages and we welcome your feedback on this.

Simplify your process automation with FlowShare® and its OpenRPA export, free for 14 days

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