Create custom Nuggets with the FlowShare integration with Know How Nugget Finder.

The corporate world is full of Excel experts – at least if you go by CVs. For those of us who have slightly overestimated our Office expertise, the Nugget Finder is a lifesaver.

Know How! AG is an e-learning provider that offers, among other things, short Office 365 tutorials – so-called (learning) nuggets – to help employees in the moment of need. The Nugget Finder is a performance support solution where users can quickly and easily find help for common questions.

And FlowShare? Provides an integration that allows instructions created in FlowShare to be exported directly into the Nugget Creator. So you can provide even faster help on the most unusual procedures in Office, and your team will never be short of Nuggets.

Easily create and upload custom Nuggets with FlowShare

Having a database of Office tutorials is good. What’s even better is to fill this database with exactly the guidance your team needs most. This is what the FlowShare integration for Know How makes possible. You can easily capture custom guides in FlowShare and upload them into the Nugget Finder with one click.

This way, your team can help themselves in case coincidentally, once again, no one remembers VLOOKUP.

Create your own Nuggets with FlowShare®, free for 14 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

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