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Create custom Nuggets with the FlowShare integration with Know How Nugget Finder.

There’s no feeling quite like that last week before vacation. But one employee’s excitement is their colleagues’ dread: Have they remembered to schedule an out-of-office notice for their emails? Are calls being redirected to another desk? And how can it be guaranteed that processes continue to run smoothly when the one responsible is off the grid? 

This is where a software provider like Know How! AG is of great value. As an e-learning provider they offer, among other things, support in the workplace in the form of so-called “Nuggets”. 

Whether it is performance support or elaborate e-learning content, Know How provides tools to create and access instructions as versatile as the problems that can arise in day-to-day business processes. Know How’s Nugget Creator allows companies to create unique instructions to explain their processes, the Nugget Finder enables employees to find these instructions quickly.

Easily create Nuggets for everyone ...

… and by anyone – that’s where FlowShare’s contribution lies.

We offer an integration that allows guides created in FlowShare to be exported directly to the Nugget Creator.

This way, you can harness both the potential of FlowShare’s effortless documentation and Know How’s effective distribution. Your team will never be short of Nuggets again.

Create your own Nuggets with FlowShare®, free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

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