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FlowShare 2.16 introduces powerful enhancements and integrations

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This new version of FlowShare brings several exciting new features and integrations.

New Feature: Version Your Flows in the FlowShare Portal

Ever wished you could track changes or revert to previous versions of your flows? Your wish is granted! With our new versioning capability, you can now maintain and track different versions of your flows directly in the FlowShare Portal. Opt for manual entries or let FlowShare handle it automatically.

Seamless Obsidian Integration 

For those who use Obsidian as their knowledge vault, integrating your flows is now simpler than ever. With just a few clicks, FlowShare will export your flows into markdown format directly into your Obsidian vault directory. This means you can access and manage your information seamlessly within Obsidian.

Effortless ELO Integration

Say goodbye to cumbersome file transfers with our new ELO integration. Directly upload your flows to your ELO file management system by selecting your export type and network transfer folder. It’s hassle-free and automatic—perfect for those who value efficiency!

Behind-the-Scenes Enhancements

We haven’t stopped there! Our team has been diligently working to improve the overall performance, stability, and user experience of FlowShare. These enhancements mean a smoother and more reliable platform for all your workflow needs.

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