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FlowShare 2.12

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New FlowShare Version Announcement 2.12 with text announcing OpenRPA and SCORM Export, improved StepCombine feature and floating licensing options for smaller teams.

The new FlowShare offers numerous improvements and valuable new features.

New features and big updates:

Compatible with our new license servers

More and more customers are getting a taste for the licence servers hosted by us.

This solution allows an entire staff to benefit from FlowShare at a reasonable price and without administrative effort.

Our latest servers can be conveniently accessed via https. As of this version, this is officially supported by FlowShare. All you have to do is enter the address of the server in the settings dialogue.

New integration: The Nugget Creator of Know How! AG

You can now directly export your Flows to Know How! AG’s Nugget Creator to prime them for further distribution. This way you not only create guides in no time, distributing them has just gotten a whole lot faster and easier, too. You can find out more about the partnership here.

After WordPress and getguru.com, this is now our third option for automatically publishing your documentation on third-party platforms.

New export format: SCORM

FlowShare can now export zip files according to the SCORM standard, which you can import into Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS for short).

New export format: OpenRPA

FlowShare takes its first step into the world of Robotic Process Automation with this release.

The clicks documented with FlowShare can be executed automatically with the powerful and free RPA tool OpenRPA. Currently, we limit ourselves to the execution of click events.

New PDF template

The classic of our PDF templates (“Boxed”) is now also available as a landscape variant.

Improvements and fixes:

Adjustable sensitivity for StepCombine – the automatic combining of screenshots

If you would like to combine even more steps than before with StepCombine, this improvement is for you: you can now adjust the StepCombine sensitivity settings to combine more steps in your Flow.

FlowShare StepCombine Settings

Project title in exported image file names

The title of your flow is now included in the image file name to make the file names more meaningful.

Simplification when customising title pages for PowerPoint templates

When customising title pages, you can now use a naming convention for placeholders, as with other slides. Details can be found in our Helpdesk.

Unicode support for PDF export

There were problems with non-Latin characters here in the past.

Numerous fixes:

  • Problems with setting the logo file have been fixed.
  • More understandable handling of headings in combined steps.
  • Rectangular markers could not always be added to a screenshot without problems.
  • Default logo was removed from the template “Grid”.
  • Numerous small improvements to the user interface.

Have fun with FlowShare 2.12 – keep sharing your flow!

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