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New FlowShare Version Announcement 2.11 with text announcing platform integrations for web export, disabled automatic updates, and more

Among other things, the new FlowShare offers you new possibilities for distributing your guides.

Web Export

From now on you are able to publish documentation online right out of FlowShare at the push of a button. To enable web export, connect FlowShare to the platform of your choice in the settings dialog under the new “Web Export” tab. You initiate the export process via the export screen as before. To kick off this new export option, we support the following two platforms:

Guru (getguru.com).

Guru is a company wiki system, ideal for preserving and organizing know-how.


Using the free and powerful content management system, you are able to build a company wiki inexpensively following the do-it-yourself principle. With FlowShare, you can now fill your own WordPress instance with user knowledge in no time at all.

? Discover our supported platforms or suggest the platform of your choice.

Automatic import of settings files

This new option is interesting for using FlowShare on terminal servers and virtual environments where settings are lost when a session is terminated. By storing a settings file in a user’s home directory, it is ensured that user-defined settings are re-read each time the program is started. Detailed information about the convention can be found in the settings dialog under the Settings Import/Export tab.

Disabling automatic updates

Interesting for companies with centrally controlled software rollouts, this setting can be used to prevent users from being offered FlowShare updates individually. This setting can be made in the settings dialog or can be specified as a parameter during installation (UPDATES=0).

Various improvements

Several minor repairs have been made.

  • Import of user-defined Word templates.
  • Export of PowerPoint-based PDF documents with steps without image.
  • Display errors when editing screenshots.
  • More efficient sharing of concurrent licenses.
  • Text generation in French.

License server hosted by miraminds

Furthermore, we now enable you to enjoy the benefits of concurrent licensing without additional effort. Would you like to share a smaller number of licenses with a larger group of users without having to install and maintain an instance of our license server in your network yourself? Then feel free to contact us about this option.

We hope you’ll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.11 – share your flow!

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