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New FlowShare Version Announcement 2.10 with text announcing custom arrows, settings import and export and improved display on 4k screens

Welcome to FlowShare 2.10!
The new FlowShare offers valuable new features:

  • Improved display on screens with high resolution (4k or similar).
    Gone are the days of tiny buttons or fonts on the FlowShare application interface, as previously encountered on small but high resolution screens, for example.
  • Import & export of settings.
    Various settings can now be exported on one device, and imported on any number of other devices. This way, e.g. uniform color or license settings can be conveniently distributed among all employees in an organization in the form of an .fss file (stands for FlowShare settings). Export of settings can be found in the settings dialog under the Import/Export tab.
  • Simplification when preparing your own templates for PowerPoint export.
    We have come up with a new concept with a comprehensible naming convention, which should make it easier for you to prepare your own PowerPoint templates for use in FlowShare.
  • New arrow types.
    We have extended the range of arrow shapes with three new arrows. In addition, from now on you have the possibility to globally disable the display of arrows.
  • Custom arrows.
    You have read correctly. From this version you are additionally able to set your very own arrow creations in the form of a PNG or SVG file. You can find instructions on what to do in this regard in our help desk.
  • Minor improvements.
    Besides several bug fixes, we have linked the language of the description text generated by FlowShare to the selection of the dictionary.
    We hope you’ll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.10 – share your flow!

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