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FlowShare Portal

Easily publish and Share your Flows online through your own Portal. 

Moving Beyond Shared Folders into A Centralized Knowledge Hub for your Processes


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Say goodbye to the chaos of shared folders and lost Flows. FlowShare Portal makes sure all your captured processes are easily accessible and efficiently managed. It eliminates the hassle of navigating through cluttered folders, bringing clarity and ease to your workflow management. Experience the convenience of having all your essential workflows in one place, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Included: Your personal Assistant for all your Flows

With FlowShare Assist, you get instant, smart support, turning your collected knowledge into actionable insights. Embrace a secure, efficient future with FlowShare Portal – your gateway to smarter knowledge management.

All FlowShare Portal Features at a glance

Easy Publishing

Quickly publish your Flows with just a few clicks. Our intuitive design ensures ease of use for both new and existing Flows.

Instant Access

Post-publishing, view your Flow immediately in your browser for a seamless experience.

Full Control

Choose between Public and Private settings for each Flow, ensuring the right audience always has access.

Effortless Management

Easily share or delete Flows with admin and author privileges, keeping your library organized and relevant.


FlowShare Portal adheres to the strictest data protection regulations under GDPR, ensuring your data is handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

Empower Your Process with FlowShare Assist

Smart Assistance

Ask any question and get instant, relevant responses, complete with visuals, enhancing your understanding and efficiency.

Always Available

Whether you’re troubleshooting or seeking quick tips, FlowShare Assist is your go-to resource.

Enhanced Learning

Visual aids complementing the answers make learning and understanding your Flows easier than ever.

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By default, all your Flows are set to private, meaning only invited members of your organization can access them. Public sharing is available through secure links, giving you complete control over who sees your content.

Yes, you can publish your Flows as either a static HTML page for simple accessibility or as an interactive demo for a more engaging experience.

FlowShare Assist provides instant answers with visual aids to your workflow-related queries, making it a unique tool for learning and problem-solving

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