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Instantly create interactive demos for any application.

Stop traditional, uninspiring training. Start creating engaging, interactive demos with FlowShare.

With FlowShare, training becomes an interactive, exciting adventure. Your key to modern staff development.

7-day free trial. No credit card required.

Stop wasting weeks on training material that is quickly outdated and no one reads or watches.

Here’s what’s happening in most companies:

They have no standard process for documentation

Everyone documents their processes as it suits them (if ever) on TOP of day-to-day business.

There is no consistency

All the company's manuals look completely different - sometimes the image takes a whole page, sometimes it’s the size of a stamp, branding is off.

It takes them weeks to create guides

They spend weeks creating guides manually with snipping tools, Word, etc. or complex authoring tools.

Processes don't exist on paper.

No one really knows how a particular process works in the company, because it has never been documented.

No one watches the training videos

They use videos to train their staff, but employees come up with questions constantly showing that no one watches the trainings.

Their guides are quickly outdated

Due to updates their documentations or training videos are quickly outdated and no longer usable.

Create an unlimited number of interactive demos, free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

Who knew training guides could look this cool?

With FlowShare you go through your task as you normally would and it creates step-by-step guidance including screenshots, arrows and text instructions. It documents your entire process as you do it.

Build your next interactive demo in minutes with FlowShare

1. Open up FlowShare and perform a task

As you do the task, FlowShare documents every click, input screen and action you take.

FlowShare captures anything you see on your screen in any application, on your browser and desktop.

2. Bulk edit and adjust your new guide.

When you’re done, you can review and revise every step. 

Bulk crop your guide to create more focus. Blur hundreds of images at once to hide sensitive data. Add and move markups, edit texts … 

3. Export and share your new guide!

When you are ready to share your new guide, select the format you want to export to – Interactive Demo. 

FlowShare automatically formats the new guide with your company brand, logo, colors and fonts – so you can share it with your colleagues or customers! 

FlowShare created Interactive Demo for a process in Business Central showing a screenshot of Business Central with an overlay text guiding the user.

With FlowShare you'll be able to

Speed up your (manual) documentation process

You will be able to do 5 guides in the time it used to take you to do just one.

Establish a standard documentation process

People on your team will be more willing to document their processes with a much faster way to do it.

Easily keep up with updates

FlowShare makes it easy to quickly adjust a guide and be done with it, instead of having to capture it all over again.

Reduce onboarding time (and shoulder taps)

Make your new hires learn the ropes in days without keeping veteran staff away from their responsibilities.

Gain control of your processes

Get a bird's eye view over all your processes by actually getting them out of your employees heads out for everyone to see.

Offer simple guides for all.

Your Flows are always accessible, even offline and easy enough to follow for non-techies.

Retain your knowledge.

Don't waste time and money trying to find forgotten internal processes through workshops, external trainers and consultants.


Training your team on complex tasks has never been this easy.

Powerful Tracking Engine

Automatically captures every action you take.

FlowShare works with any application on your Windows computer, even your desktop and custom applications. It captures every  screen and action (mouseclicks and shortcuts) and adds text instructions for every action. 

FlowShare interface tracking engine
FlowShare interface showing branding settings
FlowShare guide in HTML format with arrows
Corporate Identity Settings

Keep your branding across every guide

Create brand templates that that will format your guides to fit your brand. Every guide you or your team export will have your logo, fonts and brand colors.

Bulk Blur

Blur all sensitive data at once

Select the area you want to blur and FlowShare automatically identifies every step that element shows up in and blurs it for you.

Save hours of work by not having to blur sensitive data on individual screenshots.

FlowShare interface showing blur feature
FlowShare interface in capture mode

Create guides while you work

Focus on what you do best without interruptions and FlowShare automatically captures every step you take in any application.

FlowShare logo on desktop after local installation

Installs on your device

Because FlowShare runs from your computer, nothing is saved in the cloud. Everything is safe and secure.

FlowShare interface showing automatically generated descriptions

Save time with Automated Text Descriptions

FlowShare provides your steps with short descriptions automatically, including the names of elements - buttons, menus tabs - so you won't have to!

FlowShare interface showing step combine feature

Shorter guides through StepCombine

Your guides become shorter and clearer as FlowShare automatically merges related consecutive steps into one single image for you.

FlowShare interface showing bulk crop feature

Bulk Crop your entire process.

Save time when editing by not having to crop screenshots individually but instead applying the same cropping rules on multiple steps.

FlowShare interface showing customized arrow

One-Click Image Editing in Paint

Enrich your screenshots with even more eye catching markups by adding additional visual elements.

FlowShare interface showing arrow

Simple, quick screen annotations

FlowShare makes your guides easier to follow by highlighting where you clicked.

FlowShare interface showing annotations feature

Easily highlight screen areas

Make even the most complex interfaces in your process comprehensible by adding additional markups.

FlowShare interface showing arrow customization function

Customise arrows to fit your brand

Customize your guides by selecting a markup style or uploading your own custom markup that will show where you clicked on each screen.

FlowShare source file

Keep your source-files for fast updates

Keep your documentation up to date easily by not having to capture the process all over again but just update the new steps of the source Flow-file.

FlowShare interface showing export templates

Create branded guides without any design experience.

With over 10 templates to choose from, FlowShare lets you create documentation that looks like it was designed by a pro.

FlowShare Screenshot of Export Dialogue showing different Export Formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, PNG, RPA, SCORM and xAPI

Export to various Formats

Choose the right format for your needs, PDF, PPTX, DOCX, HTML, Interactive Demo, PNG, RPA, SCORM, xAPI and share your guide with anyone you like!

FlowShare interface showing export formats

Share your guide everywhere

Easily share your guide via email, or include it into your document management system or Wiki through copy to clipboard.

Runs on Citrix and Terminal Servers

As an additional feature you can run FlowShare on Citrix or Terminal Servers.

Supports multiple languages

FlowShare speaks English, German and French. More languages included in our Enterprise Plan.

Here's what your guides can look like

These example guides were created by our interns who have never created step-by-step-guides before. They have no design education and didn’t put any effort in to make them look good. If they can do it, you can do it.

Create an unlimited number of interactive demos, free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

That's why over 1000 organizations love FlowShare:

Start for free. Create an unlimited number of guides. Only pay for the number of users you have.

Create an unlimited number of guides,
free for 7 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  


If your current documentation process consists of different tools and many manual steps, FlowShare can reduce the amount of time it takes for your team to create the documents by least 75 % on average. Let’s see for yourself how much time you can save with our ROI calculator.

If you suffer from documentation writers block, then yes – FlowShare will get you started as the documentation is done for you while you work. You don’t need to worry about capturing steps individually and putting together a document – FlowShare does that for you! We won’t lie there is still some effort involved, but it’s reduced by at least 80% according to our customers experience.

FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. Although the Windows Smart Defender might pop up during the installation process (it is a regular procedure) FlowShare is perfectly safe and should withstand even the strictest IT-regulations.

We have specifically put together a document for your IT to rule out any questions about risks: Technical information about FlowShare.

If you still can’t install Flowshare due to security policies in your company, write us an email and we’ll send you a zip archive you can start FlowShare from and still get your free trial!

Yes, once installed, FlowShare is like a black box :-). It is a completely locally operated and operable desktop software. Your captured processes and exported guides remain on your device. You alone decide with whom you share your recorded Flows or exported guides.

Not currently and not planned. Unfortunately, we can’t help Mac or Linux users. Check out our article on documentation tools that also run on Mac.

Senior citizens use FlowShare to transfer their know-how. If they can do it, so can you.

No, FlowShare is not a screencast tool. If you are doing training videos for software – you might consider trying FlowShare as you get the guide in the same time it would take you to capture a video plus you can easily update it without having to re-record it again. A video is outdated as soon as it’s recorded and while you have to re-do the entire video if a process is updated – you can easily update any process in FlowShare. 

Our custom TrackingEngine that FlowShare is built on allows us to access even the most customized applications that run on windows and in browsers. 

While we can’t promise a 100 percent compatibility with ALL applications around the world, we can promise that during your trial you can find out within minutes if FlowShare can automatically capture the button and element descriptions from your application. The only requirement on your device is a 64-bit system.

Size should not be an issue unless you are using a device from the 90’. Compared to a 500 mb video you would have of your process, you’ll have a 20 page PDF guide. 

The file size depends on 

  • your screen resolution
  • number of steps in your guide
  • chosen export format

For reference:. a 200-steps exported Word document at HD resolution is approximately 19 MB in size. 

No. FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. The introduction of FlowShare in your company should therefore succeed smoothly even under strict IT-regulations.

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