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Training your team on complex tasks has never been this easy.

Powerful Tracking Engine

Automatically captures every action you take.

FlowShare works with any application on your Windows computer, even your desktop and custom applications. It captures every  screen and action (mouseclicks and shortcuts) and adds text instructions for every action. 

FlowShare interface tracking engine
FlowShare interface showing branding settings
FlowShare guide in HTML format with arrows
Corporate Identity Settings

Keep your branding across every guide

Create brand templates that that will format your guides to fit your brand. Every guide you or your team export will have your logo, fonts and brand colors.

Bulk Blur

Blur all sensitive data at once

Select the area you want to blur and FlowShare automatically identifies every step that element shows up in and blurs it for you.

Save hours of work by not having to blur sensitive data on individual screenshots.

FlowShare interface showing blur feature
FlowShare interface in capture mode

Create guides while you work

Focus on what you do best without interruptions and FlowShare automatically captures every step you take in any application.

FlowShare logo on desktop after local installation

Installs on your device

Because FlowShare runs from your computer, nothing is saved in the cloud. Everything is safe and secure.

FlowShare interface showing automatically generated descriptions

Save time with Automated Text Descriptions

FlowShare provides your steps with short descriptions automatically, including the names of elements - buttons, menus tabs - so you won't have to!

FlowShare interface showing step combine feature

Shorter guides through StepCombine

Your guides become shorter and clearer as FlowShare automatically merges related consecutive steps into one single image for you.

FlowShare interface showing bulk crop feature

Bulk Crop your entire process.

Save time when editing by not having to crop screenshots individually but instead applying the same cropping rules on multiple steps.

FlowShare interface showing customized arrow

One-Click Image Editing in Paint

Enrich your screenshots with even more eye catching markups by adding additional visual elements.

FlowShare interface showing arrow

Simple, quick screen annotations

FlowShare makes your guides easier to follow by highlighting where you clicked.

FlowShare interface showing annotations feature

Easily highlight screen areas

Make even the most complex interfaces in your process comprehensible by adding additional markups.

FlowShare interface showing arrow customization function

Customise arrows to fit your brand

Customize your guides by selecting a markup style or uploading your own custom markup that will show where you clicked on each screen.

FlowShare source file

Keep your source-files for fast updates

Keep your documentation up to date easily by not having to capture the process all over again but just update the new steps of the source Flow-file.

FlowShare interface showing export templates

Create brandend guides without any design experience.

With over 10 templates to choose from, FlowShare lets you create documentation that looks like it was designed by a pro.

FlowShare Screenshot of Export Dialogue showing different Export Formats: PDF, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, PNG, RPA, SCORM and xAPI

Export to various Formats

Choose the right format for your needs, PDF, PPTX, DOCX, HTML, Interactive Demo, PNG, RPA, SCORM, xAPI and share your guide with anyone you like!

FlowShare interface showing export formats

Share your guide everywhere

Easily share your guide via email, or include it into your document management system or Wiki through copy to clipboard.

Runs on Citrix and Terminal Servers

As an additional feature you can run FlowShare on Citrix or Terminal Servers.

Supports multiple languages

FlowShare speaks English, German and French. More languages included in our Enterprise Plan.

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