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miraminds verwendet die Informationen, die Sie uns zur Verfügung stellen, um Sie bezüglich FlowShare zu kontaktieren. Eine Abmeldung ist jederzeit möglich (zB per Link in einer E-Mail). Mehr erfahren Sie in unserer Datenschutzerklärung.


Our website is optimized for modern browsers and might not work with older Internet Explorer versions. If that’s the case for you – write us an e-mail “I cannot fill out the form in my browser. Please send me the download-link for the FlowShare Trial” to support@getflowshare.com

FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. Although the Windows Smart Defender might pop up – it is a regular procedure – FlowShare is perfectly safe and should withstand even the strictest IT-regulations. We have specifically put together a document for your IT to rule out any questions about risks: Technical information about FlowShare.

If you still can’t install it due to security policies in your company, write us an email and we’ll send you a zip Archive you can use flowshare from and still get your free trial!

Yes, once installed, FlowShare is like a black box :-). It is a completely locally operated and operable desktop software. Your captured processes and exported guides remain on your device. You alone decide with whom you share your recorded Flows or exported guides.

Not currently and not planned. Unfortunately, we can’t help Mac or Linux users. Check out our article on documentation tools that also run on Mac.

Our TrackingEngine that FlowShare is built on allows us to access even the most customized applications that run on windows and in browsers. 

While we can’t promise a 100 percent compatibility with ALL applications around the world, we can promise that during your trial you can find out within minutes if FlowShare can automatically capture the button and element descriptions from your application. The only requirement on your device is a 64-bit system.

Wenn Sie entscheiden, dass FlowShare nicht das Richtige für Sie ist, wird nichts passieren. 14 Tage nach der Installation sind die Funktionen auf die Erfassung von nur 15 Schritten beschränkt. Wenn Sie sich für FlowShare entscheiden, können Sie es abonnieren.

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