Our vision is for everyone to be able to succeed with software, so people can get their work done faster and better.

At miraminds, we believe that technology should be used to help people, not overwhelm them.

Our core values

Learn and grow together

We help and encourage one another to learn, progress, and get better every day.

Relentlessly Resourceful

There's no such thing as "can't" in our world, and we won't give up until we find viable answers.

Minimalism with maximum efficiency

We are not afraid to challenge existing processes in order to replace them with simpler solutions.

Persevere to prosper

We believe that keeping at it and persevering will inevitably lead to success. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

About miraminds

Changing the way employees share know-how one step at a time

What started as a side project in 2016 developed into a mission and a dedicated and committed team of “miracle minds” working on a mutual goal to equally empower everyone to succeed with software.

We are proud to serve customers around the world and working remotely with our headquarters based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our solutions

FlowShare is just the start...

Our ambitions go much further

FlowShare interface with text about creating simple step-by-step instructions

Our Leadership Team

Louis Maywald miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Louis Maywald


Sofia Gertzen miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Sofia Gertzen


Oliver Fluck miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Oliver Fluck


Over 1000 organisations worldwide rely on FlowShare to create guides that run their business

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