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Our vision is for everyone to be able to succeed with software, so people can get their work done faster and better.

At miraminds, we believe that technology should be used to help people, not overwhelm them.

Our core values

Heartfelt Understanding

By truly valuing and understanding our customers' perspectives, we ensure they always feel heard and cared for. If there's a hiccup, we don't blame the user; we refine our solution.

Passion for Innovation

Our enthusiasm for technology drives us. We blend creativity, curiosity, and hard work to deliver cutting-edge solutions that matter. Every challenge is an invitation to innovate.

Decide & Deliver

We pride ourselves on our agility. Swift decision-makung and a go-getter mentality ensure we move with purpose and adapt to the needs of the moment.

Better Every Day

We're committed to the journey, not just the destination. By focusing on continuous improvement, we ensure our best today is topped by our efforts tomorrow.

Empowered Autonomy

Every team member's contribution is invaluable. We foster an environment where proactivity thrives, and everyone operates at eye level, regardless of location or position.

Persist & Prosper

Our journey's success is carved from endurance, resilience, and consistent perseverance. It's our secret sauce, the backbone of our success, and the spirit we bring to every challenge.

Unwavering Integrity

Whether it's a promise to a client or a handshake between team members, our word is our bond. We value honesty and reliability above all and practice a strong work ethic.

Transparent Teamwork

We thrive on collaboration and transparency. Prioritizing the well-being and opinions of our team members, we ensure everyone is informed, valued, and aligned with our collective vision.

About miraminds, the company behind Flowshare

Changing the way employees share know-how one step at a time

What started as a side project in 2016 developed into a mission and a dedicated and committed team of “miracle minds” working on a mutual goal to equally empower everyone to succeed with software.

We are proud to serve customers around the world and working remotely with our headquarters based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our solutions

FlowShare is just the start...

Our ambitions go much further

FlowShare interface with text about creating simple step-by-step instructions

Our Leadership Team

Louis Maywald miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Louis Maywald


Sofia Gertzen miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Sofia Gertzen


Oliver Fluck miraminds FlowShare Co-Founder
Oliver Fluck


Over 1000 organisations worldwide rely on FlowShare to create guides that run their business

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